Next steps

For my first paper, I showed that fairshare algorithm is actually not fair in a number of instances.  Furthermore,  I showed that in the most common case of resource sharing where two users have complementary workloads,  fairshare fails to fairly distribute the resources.
My first paper was a paper exercise (actually a very complex excel exercise).  For my second paper I intend to use the GridSim and the Alea software packages to simulate my hypothesis more concretely.
I have look at the latest version of Alea and it is very buggy!  Not how software solid be written. Lots of hard-coded values, and inherently not adaptable to a new workload without manual changes to the environment and source code. I have been making source code modifications and I guess I should start a repo that will hold my updates.
GridSim is more stable,  but it has been around for longer. I will need to make changes to that package as well.
Ad soon as my first paper is accepted,  I will post it here for reference,  and most of this will make more sense.
Art Sedighi.