Going thru my next iteration of the code and focusing on the resource side of things. A resource is a cluster, a VO, a bunch of nodes, etc.
Currently, in Alea, you can create a virtual resource of say 500 cores. All arbitrary, and the system doesn’t care. For all intensive purposes, I am creating a super computer of 500 cored to run my simulation.  That’s not realistic and not feasible.
One can add resources in the resource file. Just like the job input file, you can create a file with 500 entries of one core nodes.  Or 125 4-core nodes.  You get the idea.  That is very limiting. I am all for files as configuration files, but for a simulation, you need to be able to automate much of this.  The next task for me is to automate resource generation just like job generation. 
The question is if resources require the rigorous type variance that jobs have?  I now can create a job profile that resembles a sine wave, do I need to do the same thing for resources?  Do resources need to vary like Grids, or be homogeneous like Clusters?  How about a cloud environment? 
Art Sedighi